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Heron is trusted brand of Green Dot Limited since 2008. Heron Water Filter uses its own unique models with Reverse Osmosis Technology to deliver a whole new generation of water purifiers with outstanding performance and design. Heron serves domestic, mini commercial, commercial and industrial markets worldwide as trendsetters in water purification. Our main aim is to develop the living standards of Bangladeshi customers by providing them with a safe, clean and healthy water. We ensure and offer the highest standard water filtration solutions with materials and modern technology that are eco-friendly and cost effective to solve virtually any water contamination problems. Today, Heron Water Filter lead the Bangladesh Water Filter Market because of our top-quality products and simple philosophy that our customers come first. Heron Water Purifier in Bangladesh don't just want to satisfy our customers, we want to impress our customer with attractive models. And when our customer’s need something special and beyond the standard product offerings, we work with them to customize components for your specific needs that fully satisfy our customer’s need.

Our Partner with us always enjoy the experience a new dimension in water purification. with our Promise, you can expect:

  • Best quality water purifier
  • Box type water purifier
  • New design water purifier
  • Jar water project
  • Battery water purifier
  • DM water plant
  • Distil water plant
  • Iron removal plant
  • Water softener plant
  • Central water treatment plant
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane 

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