Hot Cold Normal Water Purifier


Product Name: Hot Cold Normal Water Purifier

Manufacture: Made by Heron

Brand: Heron

Product Model: Max Life

Technology: Reverse Osmosis

Capacity: 75 GPD

Filtration Stage: Five

Hot Water: 1L

Cold Wter Capacity: 0.6L

Normal Water: 8 L

Dimension: 545 x 180 x410 mm

Heron Max Life is such kind of RO Water Purifier where consist of hot cold normal water option. So, it can get three option with best purification. Here have used USA filtration technology. The treated water quality can compare with bottle water. So, you can stop to buy limited bottle water. And, select Heron Max Life water purifier and get unlimited hot cold and normal water purifier. Now a days it is proven by research that, plastic bottle water is harmful for human body. So, it is suggested for you to avoid all kids of bottle water. And chose Heron Max for 100% safe drinking water.

  • It is not only a water purifier,  but also a heating and cooling dispenser.
  • Don’t need to buy bottle water for drinking. so, can save much time and money.
  • Water taste will remain same after boil.
  • The water is pure and clean, more safe same as bottle water.
  • Still can get pure water from the side water tap if no electricity power.
  • More lucrative looking and prestigious for your family

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