Heron Queen – Water Purifier


Product Name: Heron Queen – Water Purifier

Brand: Heron

Product Model: Heron Queen

Technology: Reverse Osmosis

Membrane Technology: USA

Capacity: 75GPD

Origin: China

Reserve Capacity: Normal-8 liters// Hot-1.5 liters

Filtration Stage: 5

Dimension: 40 X 43 X 57 CM

Heron queen water purifier comes with the best product quality. It is one of the super water purifiers guaranteed with the safety of the drinking mineral water and normal uses. Above all, It can easily clean up the virus and bacteria within a minute and makes the water pure. Besides that Heron queen, a water purifier is a machine that produces pure drinking water. This is an auto-generated machine. Heron queen water purifier takes source water from the tap of sink or basin. On top of that, it pure the source water by reverse osmosis process as well as store the pure water in a reserve tank. The reverse osmosis process removes all the living organisms like not only bacteria but also viruses also all kinds of hard metals from water. Then drain it through the drain line. As a result, the water becomes pure for drinking and normal uses.

1. Brand: Heron
2. Model: Heron Queen
3. Origin: China
4. Filtration stage: 5
5. Capacity: 75GPD
6. Membrane Technology: USA
7. Reserve capacity: Normal-8 liters and Hot-1.5 liters
8. Dimension: 40 X 43 X 57 CM
9. Technology: Reverse Osmosis

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