Heron PT-1328 Premium Jar Hot Cold Water Dispenser

Product Model: PT-1328

Capacity: Hot Water-5-liter, Cold water-2 Liter

Origin: China

৳16,000.00 ৳16,500.00
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Heron KK-509 Inline Water Dispenser | Hot, Cold Dispenser

Product Model: KK-509

Function: Cold & Hot

Rated Voltage: AC 220V-240V

Power: Hot: 500 W & Cold: 80 W

Origin: China

Hot Water: ≥ 90 Degree C 5L/H

Cold Wter Capacity: ≤ 10 Degree C 2L/H

৳13,500.00 ৳16,000.00
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Heron Jar Hot Cold YLR-KK-88LB Water Dispenser

Product Model: YLR-KK-88LB

Origin: China

Hot Water: Hot Water-5 liter

Cold Wter Capacity: Cold water-2 Liter

৳14,500.00 ৳16,000.00
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What's the special features of the heron water dispenser?

Energy-saving, low noise, resistant structure and great stability. Suitable for use in homes,
hotels, schools, etc.

Is that plastic part is safe in this water dispenser?

The plastic parts of this product use high quality and durable plastic.

What's the ratio of hot water temperature between?

Double security system, "temperature control " and "heating protection". Hot water temperature
is always between 80 C and 95 C, enough to make coffee or tea, or other instant food.

Can this dispenser use in summer?

The water dispenser's cooling system is durable and suitable for use during the summer.

Is that product can be used with bottled water or a water purifier?

This product can use with bottled water or a water purifier.

What's the oeration process of the water dispenser?

Insert the bottle vertically on the seat and press the water faucets until water flows out of the red hot water faucet. So, Insert the power plug to the wall socket and turn the electric switches to ON position to start the appliance. DO NOT MOVE BOTH SWITCHES AT THE TIME. Cooling and heating indicator lights should light up.

Is that dispenser automatically turn on and off when the water reaches the desired temperatures?

The appliance is designed to provide hot or cold water whenever you need it. It will automatically turn on and off when the water reaches the desired temperatures.


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