200 GPD Premium RO Purifier


Product Name: 200 GPD Premium RO Purifier

Manufacture: Heron Water Purification

Brand: Heron

Product Model: GRO-200-P20

Technology: Reverse Osmosis with Nano Silver Activated Carbon

Capacity: Minium 200GPD

Type: Standing Type Reverse Osmosis System with Pressure Gauge

Body of Machine: High quality steel with powder coated paint

Reserve Capacity: Minimum 11 gallon pressure type

Filtration Stage: Seven Stages

Filtration Details: PP + CTO + Genesol + PP + RO + Taste & Odor + Nano Silver Activated Carbon

Size of Filter: 20 Inch

Dimension: 78x41x26 CM

Quality Certificate: Matrix, CE, NSF


Model No: GRO-200-P20

Brand: Heron Premium

Capacity: 200 GPI (30 LPH) & 400 GPD (60 LPH)


5 Staces Purification systems (Standing Type)

Option to install UV Sterilizer

11/20 Gallons Pressurize Water Storage Tank

Installation kit are included with this system

100% assurance to get drinking water as per

Who Completely assembled, 100% Factory

Tested Ready for installation

Application: School/Office Restaurant/Garments

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