Compact RO Water Purifier


Product Name: Compact RO Water Purifier

Brand: Heron

Product Model: CT-40

Technology: Reverse Osmosis

Membrane Technology: USA

Capacity: 75 GPD

Origin: China

Reserve Capacity: 6 Liter

Filtration Stage: Five

Dimension: 60 x 48 x 34 CM

The Heron Compact Water Purifier model CT-40 is a water purification system designed to remove impurities and contaminants from water using reverse osmosis technology. The CT-40 is a compact model, suitable for small households and offices. Compact water purifiers are ideal for those who live in small apartments or have limited space. These purifiers are designed to be compact, efficient, and easy to maintain, without compromising on their ability to purify water.

Here are some of its features:

  1. Reverse Osmosis Technology: The CT-40 uses reverse osmosis (RO) technology to purify water. This process involves pushing water through a semi-permeable membrane to remove impurities, such as dissolved solids, heavy metals, and harmful chemicals.
  2. 4-Stage Purification: The CT-40 has a 4-stage purification process that includes sediment filtration, activated carbon filtration, RO membrane filtration, and post-carbon filtration. This process ensures that the water is purified thoroughly and efficiently.
  3. Compact Design: The CT-40 has a compact design that makes it suitable for small households and offices. It can be easily installed on a kitchen counter or mounted on a wall.
  4. High-Quality Components: The CT-40 is made with high-quality components that ensure durability and longevity. The RO membrane, in particular, is designed to last for up to 2 years.
  5. Easy Maintenance: The CT-40 is designed for easy maintenance. The filters and membranes are easy to replace, and the system comes with a user manual that provides detailed instructions on how to maintain the system.
  6. Efficient Water Usage: The CT-40 is designed to use water efficiently. It has a water recovery rate of up to 50%, which means that it wastes less water than traditional RO systems.
Compact RO Water Purifier
Compact RO Water Purifier

The best compact water purifiers use advanced technologies such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, or UV purification to remove impurities, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from the water. They are also equipped with high-quality filters and membranes that need to be replaced periodically to maintain their efficiency.

Some of the features to look for when choosing the best compact water purifying

Overall, the Heron Compact RO Water Purifier model CT-40 is a reliable and efficient water purification system that is suitable for small households and offices.

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