Iron Removal Plant

Iron Removal Plant in Bangladesh

Questions can come our mind, why require Iron Removal Plant in Bangladesh? To find out the correct answer we have understand the harmful of iron water for us. Drinking of excessive amount of iron water can be affect human skin, causes of damage liver, heart, pancreas and kidney. Iron overload is causes of plumbing issue such as iron water can damage fitting & fixer of building. If we think in industry sector, iron water can one of the major barriers of finished goods. Therefore, it is clearly under stable that Iron Removal Plant in Bangladesh is most essential concern for all sectors. As a result, Some areas in Bangladesh such as Sylhet, Bogra, Chittagong, Khulna and so on contain unreliable iron in groundwater. Above all, untreated water looks different color which make confuse about water in human eyes. As a result, Without treated such kind of iron contains water, it is quite impossible to use for our daily life. So, final conclusion is Iron Removal Plant in Bangladesh is absolutely demand for human life.

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About Iron Removal Plant in Bangladesh

The Contamination of Iron in our groundwater is one of the major causes of water pollution in Bangladesh. Most importantly, As per the World Health Organization (WHO), the acceptable limit of iron in water is 0.30 ppm. But most of the underground found excess rage of iron which may cause, weight loss, joint pain and eventually may affect liver diseases, heart diseases and lead to pancreatic damage and diabetes. As a result, nowadays Iron Removal Plant in Bangladesh stands the most essential system to save the mass of people. Most importantly, We found about 97% of rural people in Bangladesh uses under groundwater for drinking purpose. Above all, There are many areas of Bangladesh the under groundwater is known to highly iron contaminated. The contamination of iron water is the cause of sickness in the human body. In Bangladesh highly-contaminated hardness, Salinity, iron, manganese, and arsenic reduced drinking water sources. In some areas also there are no alternative sources of safe drinking water except water treatment plants. In addition, Now alertness comes on biochemical contaminations in drinking water. Most importantly, which are a big thread for mass peoples.

Design of Iron Removal Plant in Bangladesh

Design of Iron removal plant in Bangladesh depend of may factors such as iron contain of water, pH level, parameter of DO, Total Alkalinity, Total Dissolve Solid and so on. And the selection of Iron Removal Filter Media also depends of aforesaid parameter. Generally, for Iron Removal Plant it is commonly using Graded Sand, Irox N-70, Birm Media, Manganese Zeolite, DMI-65, Manganese Green Sand, Manganese Dioxide, Granular Activated Carbon. Above all, For highly iron contaminated water, it has been used Ozone, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide oxidation chemicals. So, These oxidation chemicals also have biocide consequence but might interrelate with other components. Design of IRP is not so easy job as. Most importantly, we think at normal ways. So, It has to consider so many parameter during design the plant. Above all, Most importantly, selection of media , sizes of vessel, bed depth of depth of media, ration of filter media depend on different kinds of raw water parameter. So, before making perfect design of this kind of plant, we must have consider to find out the nature of parameter. In addition, Our experience engineers and quality lab can help you on this subject.

  • Info required to design Iron Removal Plant

    To achieve the desired output of IRP, need perfect design. Moreover, to get a perfect design to require proper information about your requirement, such as below
      • Desire flow rate per hour
      • Water demand at peak hour
      • Plant operation hour per day
      • Inlet water pressure
      • Sources of Raw Water
      • Purpose of treated water
      • Parameter of Iron, pH, TDS, Chlorine, Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity, Sulfate, TSS, Color of Raw Water
      • Expected quality of treated water

    Feature of Iron Removal Plant

    • Our designed Iron Removal Plant has unique technology and USA-EU-based filtration media which comply with high-performance rankings and confirm to fulfill customer’s requirements.
    • Our modern technology and high-quality filter media ensure to remove unwanted substances from your water without de-mineralizing.
    •  In addition, We can ensure the treated water can prevent your fittings and fixtures from iron & hardness
    • Heron modernized Iron removal plant is suitable for both domestic and industrial application and its prices are quite affordable to all customers.
    • Heron Iron Removal Plant ensures to remove the smallest trace of iron and other particles from contaminated water and increase the taste of treated water by using high-quality acid washed granular activated carbon.
    • Our Plant needs almost zero maintenance and repair services as we use an automatic service module. Some of those are specially considered to prevent clogging and leaks.
    • Most importantly, automatic backwashing technology saves money, time, energy, and labor cost forever.
    • Moreover, USA based Birm Media for Iron Removing save your regeneration cost and time for daily servicing which ensure uninterrupted production of high-quality water.
    • In addition, Heron Iron Removal Plant does not require any additional hardware.
    • It is a highly durable system and offers a reasonable warranty period.


At complying with the modern Technology Iron Removal Plant in Bangladesh, our main focus is to design & deliver out-and-out customer satisfaction. In addition, Heron ensures that the clients get an easy use of our Iron Removal Plant. Most importantly, mentioned their expectation. In addition, The Clients of Iron Removal Plant in Bangladesh are from different industries and different geographical areas like the different districts of Bangladesh, hotels, restaurants, educational institutes, hospitals, laundries, and different industrial plants. So, We always think of unique and simple technology where all levels of customers can afford it. So, Our designed Iron Removal Plant is very easy maintenance where you will only need to backwash the containers with clean water. Whatever your need we can include automatic backwash and automatic Start-Off technology. In addition, We can also customize the plant and customize the production capacity up to your expectation.

Core Team



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Engineer Rakib is one of the dedicated members of our team. He has successfully completed his graduate engineering and effortlessly working in the field of Environmental Engineering especially in WTP and ETP. He has successfully handed over 50 plus WTP and ETP Projects all over the country. In addition, He has taken various special training on WTP, ETP, and STP. He is also an expert in membrane Technology

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He is our one most energetic member of our engineering team and his talents included in the field of WTP, ETP, STP, especially on all Water Treatment chemical and RO Plant chemicals. As a graduate engineer, he is effortlessly working with 6 years’ experience in the field of Chemical & Environmental Engineering. In addition, He has efficiently handled different private and Government. WTP and STP Projects.

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Our Major Clients

Question-1: What is Iron Removal Plant (IRP)?

Answer: IRP is a system that removes iron and odor from contaminated water.

Question-2: What is the acceptable limit of Iron?

Answer: As per the World Health Organization (WHO), the acceptable limit of Iron is 0.30 ppm

Question-3:  IRP can remove bad smell from water?

Answer: Yes, good quality IRP can remove odor and bad smell from water.

Question-4:  What is the name of the best Iron Removal Media?

Answer: Actually Iron Removal chemicals depend on raw water quality, but as per our experience Birm Media and DMI-65 are best.

Question-5: What type of media using for IRP?

Answer: The media of IRP depend on raw water quality and the nature of the plant. Below are common media that are frequently using for IRP.

  • Iron N-70
  • Birm Media
  • DMI-65
  • Manganese Zeolite (Zeomangan)
  • Anthracite Media
  • Graded Sand
  • Granular Activated Carbon
Question-6: What is the best flow rate for IRP?

Answer: The best practice of IRP for selection vessels based on 5 GPM flow rate.

Question-7: What are the capacity of this kind of Plant?

Answer: Generally started from 500 LPH and there is no limit of maximum capacity. In addition, It can do as required.