Heron Pure Touch Water Purifier


Product Name: Heron Pure Touch Water Purifier

Brand: Heron

Product Model: PRO-7

Technology: Reverse Osmosis

Membrane Technology: USA

Capacity: 75 GPD

Reserve Capacity: 6 Liter

Filtration Stage: Five

Faucet: Touch Type

Dimension: 17 x 41 x 55 CM

From point of view of fashionable technology, Heron brings pure touch water purifiers to Bangladesh. So, we able to serve a modernized quality of touch-operated heron pure water purifier. So, it is researched and designed in a laboratory with quality approval for the QC department. As a result, customers will get uninterrupted pure water service for this touch water purifier.



Firstly, Drinking of warm or predicament keeps the human stomach clean is nutritionists have proven that. In another perspective, If the stomach is clean, no disease can easily settle within the body. So, if the stomach is clean, the skin is additionally bright and radiant. That is to say, If you drink a glass of lukewarm water half-hour before or after eating every morning. So, you’ll easily get obviate multiple problems like indigestion and heartburn. Drinking lukewarm water raises the blood heat albeit it’s small and sweating is high. So, Unnecessary material accumulated within the body with sweat is excreted with sweat. So, Drinking predicament on an empty stomach every morning will easily flush out the toxic elements from the body and lift the blood heat. And when the blood heat rises, the speed of blood circulation within the veins and arteries also increases strongly and naturally.


  • pure touch water purifier Rated water capacity: 283 liters/day
  • Touch button control function, convenient and easy to operate
  • Auto-flushing included increasing life of RO Membrane.
  • Toughened glass panel and fashionable design.
  • Food grade polypropylene built-in water tank.
  • Wall-mounted or Counter Top designed.
  • Flow Restrictor, and non-return Valve with Drain Saddle Valve.
  • Four Color Coded 1/4 inch Tubing for System Connection.
  • Completely Assembled & Water leaking testing.
  • 100% Factory Tested and Sterilized Ready for Installation.
  • Installation Instruction.

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