Traditional Shower Filter


Product Name: Traditional Shower Filter

Brand: HERON

Filter Capacity: 60,000 / Liters

Expected Life: 4~6 / Month

Maximum Flow: 5~10 / Liters p/m

Water Pressure: 20~80 / PSI

Water Temp(C/H): 5~38 / Celsius

Install Heron Shower filter in your existing shower line and enjoy filtered water during taking shower. This shower filter contains of high quality granular activated carbon. So, you can get healthy water easily. Our shower filter can prevent dry skin and wrinkling, stimulates autoimmune system from your water. It can be use up to four to six months based on water quality. So, get iron and chloride free healthy water, select Heron Shower Filter. And it is easy to replace shower filter cartridge after usable period.

Advanced water filtration system

Helps reduce chlorine in water

Fit any standard fixed shower

Very easy to install

  • Best quality acid washed activated carbon
  • Higher Iodine value GAC
  • Ensure of healthy water
  • Remove free chlorine from tap water
  • Fit to all kind of shower head
  • Easy cartridge replacement design

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