Hot Cold Normal RO Purifier


Product Name: Hot Cold Normal RO Purifier

Product Model: GRO-2300-S

Brand: Heron

Origin: China

Capacity: 75 GPD

Reserve Capacity: 6.1 L

Filtration Stage: 4

Hot Water: 1.5 L

Cold Wter Capacity: .8 L

Normal Water: 3.5 L

Technology: Reverse Osmosis

This water purifier is capable of producing enough water for a family. This purifier will purify 12 liters water per hour. Maximum production capacity is 288 liters per day. It will reserve Normal water 3.5 liters, Cold water .8 liter and Hot water 1.5 liters. It has an extra clearing housing. Which will purify water partially. Inside the machine it has 3 filters. Sediment filter, RO (Reverse osmosis) and last stage is Post carbon. Finally in this process, you will get 100% pure water.


Standing hot cold warm water purifier

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