75 GPD Heron ZI RO Water Purifier (7 Stage)

Brand: Heron

Model: Heron ZI

Color: White/Black/Blue

Item Weight: 8.4 KG (18.52 Pounds)

Dimensions: 44.5X23X50 CM

Manufacturer: ABM Engineering Limited

Country of Origin: Bangladesh

৳10,990.00 ৳14,000.00
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75 GPD Heron Elite Plus RO Water Purifier (6 Stage)

Brand: Heron

Product Model: Heron Elite Plus

Capacity: 75 GPD

Filtration Stage: 6

Water Type: Normal

Reserve Capacity: 10 Ltr

Country of Technology: USA

৳11,500.00 ৳13,990.00
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2 - 3 GPM Heron G-UV-401-20 UV Water Purifier (4 Stage)

Product Model: G-UV-401-20

Technology: Ultraviolet Purification Technology

Membrane Technology: USA

Power of UV: 16W, 220V, 50Hz

Capacity: 2 - 3 GPM

Origin: China

Filtration Stage: Four

৳15,000.00 ৳17,000.00
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3.79 LPM Heron G-WP-501 Water Purifier (5 Stage)

Product Model: G-WP-501

Technology: GAC-PP

Storage Capacity: 3.79 Liter Per Minute

Origin: China

Filtration Stage: Five

Dimension: 46 X 41 X21 cm

৳4,950.00 ৳5,890.00
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Water is not an alternative. But only if it is pure. If the water is not pure, it can do a lot of damage to your life. Water can be purified in many ways. The process of purifying water by boiling water or using alum is very old. There are various types of water purification filters available in the market today. In less time, without any hassle, it is an easy way to purify water with the help of modern technology.

Bangladeshi researchers in various studies on pure water and a professor at the Institute of Nutrition and Food Science, Dhaka University, said, "Currently, the city's water contains a lot of harmful bacteria. These can lead to various waterborne diseases including typhoid, jaundice, and cholera. In this case, water filter is a reliable name. We’ve tested in our labs that most of the filters available in the market are good. ’But beware of some counterfeit companies. And be careful to use filters. Regularly change the water and change the filter after a certain time. You can do it with your cheap water filler in Bangladesh.

6 Essential Things About Water Filters

People have become aware enough now. So now everyone uses a water filter at home. But how much do you know about your filter? Is this device actually filtering and purifying your water? Or is it putting you in the middle of a loss? Today, there are 7 tips for those who are thinking of buying a new filter or those who want to replace the old one with a new one.

1.There are different models:

your head will go bad when you go to market There are so many models of water filters that you have to suffer from indecision. General quality filters are basically carbon filters where chlorine, lead, and mercury are stratified. If you want a better-quality filter, you can install a filter system that is connected to the home water line.

2. Carbon filters are not enough:

these filters cannot remove all the dirt-germs from the water. To remove arsenic, hexavalent chromium, etc. from water, you need to go to the filter of the reverse osmosis method.

3. Reverse Osmosis Filter:

It is a method of water purification by which the contaminated water can be purified completely. If you want 100% pure water, you can filter this system with the price. For this, contact the shop that sells water purification products.

4. Alkyne filter:

The main function of this filter is not to purify the water, but to increase the pH level of some alkali in the water. However, these filters may have purification as an additional part.

5. Ultraviolet light filter:

This system kills bacteria and various germs in the water through ultraviolet rays. But they don’t clear anything. You can drink sterile water. But do not get water without other chemical elements.

6.Filter change:

There may be differences in the filter method. Each person can use a single filter. But everyone has a job to do. That is replacing the filter cartridge. The cartridge has to be replaced based on the amount of dirt in the water

About Cheap Water Filters in Bangladesh

Purifiers with UV and ultra-filters are cheap water filter in Bangladesh. These can kill harmful germs in the water which are present in almost all types of water and remain in the municipal water in Bangladesh. But not in the western countries. One more thing is better to keep in mind. Thus, purified water should be consumed immediately. Otherwise its benefits will not be available. Heron is the father of economy water filters in Bangladesh. And still holds the exclusive market. If the TDS of water is low, it is enough to use economy purifier. Its maintenance cost is much less than others technology.

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