Why Heron Water Purifier ?

Heron Water Purifier is committed to play the role to improve the health of your family by reducing medical treatment cost. We are introducing latest water treatment cost saving technology in Bangladesh since 2008. We have wide rage of products and lucrative model to keep satisfy in your mind and it increase prestige of your life style.

King as Domestic Water Purifier

Heron is the most popular and best-selling water purifier brand in Bangladesh since 2008. It has wide range of attractive models and high-quality purification technologies. As a result, Heron is accepted by all over Bangladesh

Leader in Industrial Sector

Heron Water is one of the world’s prime manufacturers and suppliers of industrial water treatment systems and leads to the industry with game-changing revolutions.

Worldwide Distributors

As a superior brand and incredible quality, Heron has wide demand worldwide. Still Heron dominating world market with its quality and lucrative models

Top Rating Feedback

Heron products and its service constantly make top scores for quality. Our main aim to satisfy our customers.

Tailor Made Solution

Heron apply tailor a solution to meet your exceptional demand, and grip everything from the beginning of installation of a water filtration system to regular maintenance.

Cost Saving Technology

Dhaka dwellers burn Tk 58cr gas a day to boil water however boiled water is not 100% safe for drinking. Heron water purifier giving you 100% safe water by cost saving technology.

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