Heron is the No. 1 water purifier brand in Bangladesh for providing mineral rich pure water. It uses its own unique models with latest technology likes Reverse Osmosis (RO) Technology, Ultraviolet (UV) Purification, Ultrafiltration (UF) Technology which makes it the king water purifier brand in Bangladesh. We offer a variety of portable water purifiers that you can use in the domestic, mini commercial, commercial and industrial sectors. Our main aim is to develop the living standards of Bangladeshi customers by providing them with safe, clean and healthy water.

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Modern innovations in water purification technology

King as Domestic Water Purifier

Heron is the best choice and accepted water purifier brand in Bangladesh since 2008. Its purification technology system is quality full and its variety model is attractive. As a result, everybody feels interested to use all over Bangladesh.

Leader in Industrial Sector

In industrial water treatment systems Heron water has placed himself at the driving seat in the field of prime manufacturers and suppliers and leads to the industry with game-changing revolutions. So, we can claim we are leader in this sector.

Worldwide Distributors

Heron has huge demand worldwide for its superior brand and incredible quality. Still Heron has created its demand in world market with its quality and lucrative models. Such as Heron is known as best water purifier in Bangladesh

Top Rating Feedback

Our moto is to satisfy the customers with quality and best service. Such as satisfactory policy we are top scorer in the rank. So, we are getting top review from customers

Tailor Made Solution

From the beginning of installation of a water filtration system to regular maintenance, Heron apply a tailor solution to meet your exceptional demand and grip everything for its success. So, customers are getting the products a per their requirement.

Cost Saving Technology

For the purpose of safe drinking water Dhaka dwellers burn Tk 58cr gas a day to boil water however boiled water is not 100% safe. By its cost saving technology Heron water purifier is ready to give you 100% safe water.

Heron Water Purifier and Filter Accessories in Bangladesh

Leading Heron Water Purifier Brand in Bangladesh

Heron is the leading water purifier brand in Bangladesh and uses modern technology to produce filters. our most common water purifier brands are:-

  • Heron ZI Water Purifier
  • Heron Elite Plus Water Purifier
  • Heron Blue Water Purifier (Upcoming)
  • Heron Premium Water Purifier
  • Heron RO+UV+UF water Purifier
  • Heron Gold (Reverse Osmosis/Mineral) Water Purifier
  • Heron Grand Plus Water Purifier
Where will you get the best water purifier in Bangladesh?

There are many water purifier shops in Bangladesh. Only Heron Water Purifier Shop offers you the best and durable water filters with 6 months warranty service. You can purchase a water purifier by visiting our website Heronwaterpurifier.com or directly by visiting our store at House B-113, Mosque Road, New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Filter Accessories and Repairing Services.

At the same time, getting water purifiers, filter accessories and repair services is very difficult. There are many water purifier shops in the market place that sell purifiers. But there are very few shops offering accessories and repair services. We are the only Heron Water Purifier Manufacturing Company in Bangladesh who provide water purifiers, accessories and repair services all over Bangladesh simultaneously. Our aim is to deliver Heron brand to the customers and we provide 24 hours hotline service for any problem.

Overall, You get the benefit of water purifiers of different models, filter accessories, repair services and 24 hours hotline at the same shop. We have been working tirelessly for safe water for 26 years and always give priority to our clients. Experience the benefits of advanced filtration technology and the assurance of quality from a reputable brand. So, upgrade to the Heron Water Purifier, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having access to clean and purified water. 

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