FRP Vessel in Bangladesh

Firstly, Heron is the best reliable source of FRP Vessel in Bangladesh. In addition, the meaning of FRP is Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic. However, It is the most updated composite material in recent days. Moreover, the Heron FRP vessel has a wide number of useful applications in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. For that, it is very comfortable to design the plant. Certainly, This vessel is non-corrosive, long durable, less weight. In addition, High strength and most economy plug & play equipment. Secondly, the Heron FRP vessel is made from 100% virgin white plastic materials. To clarify, it can comply with all kinds of drinking water applications. However, Our vessel long cycle life and zero maintenance cost. After that, becomes easy to the installation process and easy to dandle. Certainly, Heron treats as the best supplier of FRP Vessel in Bangladesh since 2008.

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In Bangladesh, the FRP vessel has been supplied by Heron; it has been produced as per weather friendly in the prospect of Bangladesh. However, most of the industrial area zone is Chittagong and Khulna. And the weather and water quality are salty which is not suitable for metal equipment. In addition, what is used in Bangladesh is high strength with durable FRP shell PE outermost coating. In conclusion. After that This kind of coating provides extra protection to the Bangladeshi environment and it is a good appearance.


  • Heron FRP Vessel made by advance unique winding technique.
  • It has been used high quality resin & fiber glass
  • Corrosion and rust free
  • Zero maintenance
  • 100/150 psi operating pressure
  • Bursting pressure is more than 300 psi
  • Operating temperature up to 490 C
  • Fatigue testing time 150000 continuously recycling testing.

Quality Assurance:

  • Unique serial no to each vessel for tracking the records
  • Hydrotest @ 1.5 times working pressure
  • Smooth external glossy finish
  • UV & Scratch resistant external Epoxy paint.

Model Vessel Size Capability Opening
inch mm Liters Top Bottom
610 6x10 155x260 3.1 2.5"-NPSM /
613 6x13 155x335 4.6 2.5"-NPSM /
618 6x18 155x460 6.6 2.5"-NPSM /
629 6x29 155x740 11.1 2.5"-NPSM /
635 6x35 155x890 13.7 2.5"-NPSM /
813 8x13 205x335 7.7 2.5"-NPSM /
817 8x17 205x438 10.9 2.5"-NPSM /
835 8x35 205x890 25 2.5"-NPSM /
844 8x44 205x1130 32.1 2.5"-NPSM /
1035 10x35 255x905 38.4 2.5"-NPSM /
1044 10x44 255x1130 49.5 2.5"-NPSM /
1054 10x54 255x1380 63.3 2.5"-NPSM /
1248 12x48 300x1225 78.9 2.5"-NPSM /
1252 12x52 300x1340 85.8 2.5"-NPSM /
1265 12x65 300x1650 105.3 2.5"-NPSM /
1354 13x54 335x1398 104.5 2.5"-NPSM /
1465 14x65 355x1650 145.1 2.5"-NPSM /
1665/2.5" 16x65 400x1670 183 2.5"-NPSM /
1665/4" 16x65 400x1670 183 2.5"-NPSM /
1865/4" 18x65 450x1670 253 4"-8UN /
2169/4" 21x69 530x1750 316 4"-8UN /
2169/4"-4" 21x69 530x1590 316 4"-8UN 4"-8UN
2472/4" 24x72 600x1850 415 4"-8UN /
2472/4"-4" 24x72 600x1850 415 4"-8UN 4"-8UN
2487/4"-4" 24x87 600x2200 510 4"-8UN 4"-8UN
3072/4" 30x72 750x1850 640 4"-8UN /
3072/4"-4" 30x72 750x1850 640 4"-8UN 4"-8UN
3087/4"-4" 30x87 750x2200 782 4"-8UN 4"-8UN
3672/4"-4" 36x72 900x1850 850 4"-8UN 4"-8UN
3694/6"F-6"F 36x94 900x2400 1205 6"-flange 6"-flange
4072/4" 40x72 1000x1850 1050 4"-8UN /
4072/4"-4" 40x72 1000x1850 1050 4"-8UN 4"-8UN
4272/6"F-6"F 42x72 1070x1850 1100 6"-flange 6"-flange
4094/6"F-6"F 40x94 1000x2400 1370 6"-flange 6"-flange
4294/6"F-6"F 42x94 1070x2400 1465 6"-flange 6"-flange
4872/6"F-6"F 48x72 1200x1850 1308 6"-flange 6"-flange
4894/6"F-6"F 48x94 1200x2400 1909 6"-flange 6"-flange
6094/6"F-6"F 60x94 1500x2400 2688 6"-flange 6"-flange
6383/6"F-6"F 63x83 1600x2100 2580 6"-flange 6"-flange
6394/6"F-6"F 63x94 1600x2400 3150 6"-flange 6"-flange
7294/6"F-6"F 72x94 1800x2400 3950 6"-flange 6"-flange

Unique Feature of Heron FRP Vessel:

  • Firstly, Special design with a lightweight and high strength;
  • Use high-quality corrosion-resistant materials;
  • Good electrical performance;
  • Good thermal performance;
  • Better design ability;
  • However, Excellent processability

Firstly, all FRP Vessels are 100% corrosion-resistant which comes in Bangladesh and have a variety of materials and are an integrally molded thermoplastic liner: polyethylene. After all, high-strength polypropylene, etc. depending on the vessel diameter. In conclusion, there are different tank thicknesses from 3.8mm (0.150 inches) to 7.6mm (0.300 inches).

Corrosion resistance of FRP Vessel
  • The pressure vessel is made of high-performance composite material and glass fiber. so, it is lite weight.
  • All pressure vessels are 100% corrosion-proof. so, it is better than an MS vessel.
  • In the same vein, There are many kinds of materials and the whole molding thermoplastic liner: polyethylene, high strength polypropylene, etc.
  • According to the diameter of the container, there are different tank thickness from 3.8mm (0.150 inches) to 7.6mm (0.300 inches).
  • However, in point of view, all FRP Vessel comes in Bangladesh are suitable for salty water. So, it is suitable for Bangladesh's environment.

Size and characteristics of FRP Vessel

  • Different sizes of pressure vessels can be provided. However, the selection range is far more than other similar products.
  • The diameter of the tank from 835 to 7294 which meets the demand of FRP Vessel in Bangladesh. So, it has the best option to make plant design based on Heron FRP vessel those are available in Bangladesh
  • In addition, The opening forms are all upper openings, and the upper and lower openings can be used for a different size

FRP barrel construction performance high strength, lightweight
  • Firstly, Compared with the MS vessel of the same specification, it has the same strength, but its weight is only one-third of that of the steel vessel. So, this is more suitable materials.
  • Various strict performance tests show that the properties of composite materials are far better than those of MS materials.
  • In the same vein, The standard operating pressure is 10.5kgf/cm2 (150psi). So, it can trust as blind.
  • However, The standard operating temperature is 65 ℃ (150 ℃).

The installation and maintenance cost of the FRP Vessel in Bangladesh

  • FRP pressure vessels are light in weight and easy to install; users can reduce extra expenses.
  • However, there is no need for paint, rubber lining, or epoxy coating inside the tank.
  • In addition, reduce maintenance cost and maintenance time.

Frequently Ask Question. (F.A.Q.)

Question-1: Why FRP Vessel perfect choice as Water Treatment Equipment?

Answer: This kind of equipment is widely using in water treatment specially as pre-treatment. However, Since it is it cost effective, zero maintenance, long life duration and corrosive free. So, it can perfect selection as water treatment equipment.

Question-2: What are available well-know brand of FRP Vessel in Bangladesh?

Answer: However, Available brand of FRP vessel are Heron, Top Klean, Gfiber, Easy Pure and Eureka which claim more popularity in Bangladesh.

Question-3: Does FRP Vessel require to painting?

Answer: No, FRP materials does not require any painting. So, it is use as plug and play.

Question-4: How is life time of FRP Vessel?

Answer:  After all, FRP Vessel is most durable water treatment equipment. In conclusion, This kind of vessel 5 to 10 times longer life than SS or MS. So, it is longer than steel vessel.

Question-5: Why choose Heron FRP Vessel for your water treatment?

Answer: lastly, Heron always concern about the quality and it has a wide range of the available sizes of FRP Vessel which can satisfy all requirements of customers. So, Heron can meet customer's requirement.