Home Sewage Treatment Plant In Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Home Sewage Treatment Plant is mainly for treat of small volume of sewage. It works without connecting sewage pipe network. For example, as mountain sewage treatment, villa sewage treatment, rural sewage treatment, etc. Through the standardization, serialization and automation of the equipment, the construction and maintenance management can specific . This kind of residential small sewage treatment plant can treat all wastewater including toilet wastewater. Subsequently, The raw sewage enters into debris removal tank. Moreover, Home Sewage Treatment Plant is designing according to the best flow direction of the water flow.

Subsequently, The large mixing solids and grease in the water are separate and store as sludge. The heavier sludge collecting to the bottom for storage by sedimentation, while the lighter inclusions such as oil and grease will float up and become scum for storage in the tank. In order to prevent the sludge from flowing to the back, the sewage is the transfer from the middle layer to. Moreover, the anaerobic filter bed tank.

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Overview Of Heron Home Sewage Treatment Plant

Firstly, integrated Home Sewage Treatment Plant is a complete set of organic wastewater treatment equipment designed by our company. Similarly, on the basis of summing up the operation experience of domestic and foreign domestic sewage treatment equipment. It combined with our own scientific research achievements and engineering practice. Heron STP is, a series of sewage treatment equipment with carbon steel anti-corrosion as the main raw material. Its main purpose is to make the domestic sewage. At the same time similar industrial organic wastewater meet the discharge standard required by users after being treated by the equipment.

Meanwhile, Heron Home Sewage Treatment Plant is widely used in residential quarters, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, institutions, schools, troops, hospitals, ship terminals, farms, and other domestic sewage. It also widely using industrial organic sewage (textile, beer, leather, food, chemical and other industries). In conclusion, The whole set of equipment is highly integrated and can  placing on the ground and underground.

Advantages Heron Home STP

      • 100% environmentally friendly
      • 100% odor and bad smell free
      • Long life assurance
      • Plug & play installation procedure
      • Meanwhile, Less weight and robust life time.
      • Corrosion-proof and zero leakage technology
      • Reliable efficiency and approximate 90-95% BOD reduction throughout the year
      • Sludge management require between approximate 12 to 18 months
      • Almost zero requirement of Sludge drying bed.
      • It will be usable the treated water for gardening and irrigation purpose
      • It can be installing underground or above ground
      • less operation and maintenance cost

Features Of Our Heron STP Plant

  • In addition, It is buried under the surface, and the surface above the equipment can using as green or other land, without building, heating and thermal insulation. So, it proves specialty of Heron Home Sewage Treatment Plant.
  • Secondly, The two-stage biological contact oxidation process adopts plug flow biological contact oxidation. And its treatment effect is better than that of complete mixed or two-stage series complete mixed biological contact oxidation tank. Compared with activated sludge tank, it has small volume, strong adaptability to water quality, good shock load resistance, stable effluent quality and no sludge bulking. Similarly, The new type of elastic three-dimensional packing is used in the tank. Similarly, it has large specific surface area and is easy for microorganism to form and remove film. In conclusion,  Under the same organic load condition, the organic matter removal rate is high, and the oxygen solubility in air in water can be improved.
  • Thirdly, The biological contact oxidation method of our Home Sewage Treatment Plant is adopted in the biochemical tank. The volume load of the filler is relatively low. the microorganism is in its own oxidation stage. And the sludge production is small. It only takes more than three months (90 days) to discharge the sludge (pumped or dehydrated by the manure truck to form sludge cake for outward transportation).
  • Fourthly, The deodorization mode of the buried Heron Sewage Treatment Plant adopts conventional high-altitude exhaust, and is equipped with soil deodorization measures.
  • Fifthly, The whole equipment processing system is equipped with full-automatic electrical control system and equipment fault alarm system, which is safe and reliable in operation. Usually, there is no need for special person to manage, but only need to timely maintain the equipment.

Specials Features

  • Sixthly, The cost of the equipment is low and the require floor area is small.
  • Seventhly, The operation cost is low which is not countable.
  • Eighty, The effluent effect is good and can reach the international first-class discharge standard.
  • High degree of automation, no special person on duty, just need to check regularly.
Processing CapacityDimension (L*W*H)Area coveredInternal StructureMaterialThicknessPlant WeightOperating WeightPowerVoltage
0.51950*1500*110054SMC molding3.5801.545220


Packaged home sewage buried integrated treatment plant is widely used in

  • Living communities
  • Large and small cottages
  • Different type of small factories
  • Collective living areas,
  • Hospital & Health institute
  • School, Collage & Education institute
  • And similar sector

Home Sewage Treatment Plant has good livability, low pollution degree, degradability and easy treatment. For example,  The integrated treatment of domestic sewage can help the generation of biological bacteria and promote the reproduction of microorganisms. After the treatment of biological bacteria, the sewage can effectively meet the discharge standard. The underground integrated sewage treatment equipment is generally buried in the ground as a whole, one is to ensure the normal water temperature for the existence and reproduction of biological bacteria; the other is to isolate the air outside the equipment, which is conducive to the external anti-corrosion of the equipment; the third is to reduce the noise of the surrounding environment.

Moreover, the upper part of the equipment is covered with soil, which can afforest vegetation or directly harden into pavement facilities. The underground integrated sewage treatment equipment basically does not occupy land resources and occupies less space. That is to say, The equipment equippe with observation holes, which is conducive to equipment maintenance. The electric control device operates automatically, saving labor cost and convenient operation.


Meanwhile,  A special filter material is set in the anaerobic filter bed tank in Heron Home Sewage Treatment Plant. Moreover, Through years of technical accumulation, the filter material is designed with high microbial retention, but no blockage and backwashing. Certainly, the water in the anaerobic filter bed flows through the plug flow. Certainly, And the solids separat and stored at the bottom. At this time, through the role of microorganisms in the anaerobic filter bed. Certainly, The anaerobic decomposition of organic matter and denitrification of nitrate nitrogen are completed.

Certainly, The water naturally pushed out from the anaerobic filter bed tank flows into the carrier flow tank. Likewise. Meanwhile, The carrier flow tank is filled with a special flow carrier developed through years of technology accumulation. The carrier has good chemical stability, large surface area, excellent wear resistance and damage resistance, and will not be lost due to crushing. So, it is very suitable for the inoculation, domestication and propagation of microorganisms. Likewise, Through aeration stirring at the bottom of carrier flow tank, the contact efficiency of pollutants and microorganisms is improved, and sufficient oxygen is brought to microorganisms. That is to say, These attached microorganisms decompose organic matter and nitrify ammonia nitrogen, and achieve a larger treatment capacity in a small capacity. Since, the carrier is flowing, there is no need for backwashing at our Sewage Treatment Plant in your home or industry.


Above all, the carrier flow tank is connected with the bottom of the sedimentation tank. Moreover,  a small amount of sludge accumulated at the bottom of the carrier flow tank flows naturally to the bottom of the sedimentation tank. Above all, then is transferred to the debris removal tank by the air lift pump for storage. So, Aar lift pump is a common device to save power and facilitate automatic control, it uses the air power, because there is no need for electrical power.

So, there will be no electrical mechanical failure. When the compressed air is pumped into the vertical pipe in water, the specific gravity of the liquid inside and outside the pipe is different, and the liquid in the pipe is lifted together with the bubbles. As a result, the ascending liquid flows out, air is released into the air. The gas lift pump continuously pumps out a certain amount of liquid, with uniform water output, high efficiency, maintenance free, and actual service life of at least 30 years. So, it is proving our sewage treatment plant is most suitable for your home.


However, when the sludge at the bottom of the sedimentation tank at sewage treatment plant at your home premises. most importantly, And it is sent back to the debris removal tank by the air lift pump. The nitrified ammonia nitrogen in the carrier flow tank is also sent back to the debris removal tank to realize the subsequent denitrification reaction. The clear water supernatant in the sedimentation tank is concentrated into the treated water collecting tank through a special structure, and then transferred to the disinfection tank by an air lift pump. most importantly, The supernatant is disinfected by a medicament cylinder equipped with chlorinated disinfection tablets (the dissolving amount of medicament can be adjusted).

However,  after the number of fecal coliforms reaches the standard, it is discharged without any other power, and the initial and maintenance costs are small. So, the equipment system increases the bottom elevation of the discharge pipe by using the discharge air lift pump. So that the effluent does not need to use another pump to enhance the discharge. Above all, The water level in the tank can rise and fall at the same time, buffering the change of inflow flow and reducing the impact load.

At the same time, through calculation, the special flow direction is designed to realize solid-liquid separation. similarly, Through careful design, the odor gas will not occur in the whole domestic sewage treatment device under the action of microorganisms in the tank. Thus way our home sewage treatment plant has wide advantages of automatic operation. similarly, At the same way small installation area and low operation and management cost.